Ant Control

Get rid of the ants! 

Ant hills smother the surrounding grass and make the yard look uneven. Ants bring the material for their hills to the surface as they build underground tunnels. The presence of an anthill means there is a food source for the tiny creatures nearby. Check plants that are close to anthills for infestations of aphids, mealybugs, scales and white flies. These sap-sucking insects secrete sweet, sticky honeydew.

Ants feed on the honeydew and also herd the pests that produce it to protect their source of food. Ants will actually bite the wings off of aphids to keep them from getting away. During the winter, they take the eggs of the insects they protect back to the tunnels under their mounds and release them during the spring to regenerate their food source. So if you destroy an anthill, you will also destroy the eggs of insects that feed on your plants.

Take control of the ants by getting an ant control treatment done and enjoy your lawn this summer.

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