Fertilizing and Weed Control

Crabgrass treatment, early spring fertilizer, spring weed control, summer fertilizer, fall broadleaf control, and winterizer application will keep your lawn looking good and green year round

1. Crabgrass Treatment

We apply a pre-emergent that creates a barrier on your lawn to help prevent crabgrass, goose grass, fox grass, chickweed, spurge, and other annual grasses and weeds from germinating.

2. Early Spring Fertilizer

In step two, we apply a spring fertilizer that will thicken grass, promote the root growth, and also enhance the overall color of your turf.

3. Spring Weed Control

This application goes down just in time to control the dandelions and his broadleaf friends.

4. Summer Fertilizer

When fall starts to approach, we show up to place a granular time-released treatment. This is very important to maintain your lawn’s color.  It also helps to improve the overall vigor of your lawn as the temperature starts to cool down.

5. Fall Weed Control

This weed control will take care of the second round of dandelions and all the other broadleaf weeds just waiting to make a comeback.

6. Winterizer Application

We finish with a balanced treatment containing a nutrient supply that ensures for winter hardiness, general resistance, and durability.  This is most important to winter survivability and early spring green up.

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